Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

2018 – 2019


Charles A. Patterson

Personal Finance and Career Explorations   -   M210

Operational Philosophy for my classroom:

Education is a dual responsibility enterprise.  It requires that both teacher and student do their part of the process in order that optimal outcomes can be achieved.  I pledge to do my part and I believe that it is reasonable to expect my students to do their part. 

Both of these courses are designed to help the student to be successful in today's rapidly changing world and workplace.  Given this and my background in the business world, I try to bring a real world atmosphere along with a brutally honest assessment of what they will be facing when they transition to the adult world of work and try to make it on their own.  I let them know that the largest obstacle between them and success at all levels is their own choices and that those choices start now as they choose whether or not to make the most of their educational opportunities in high school.  They are creating habits and a work ethic today that will create their tomorrows.  I urge them to make wise choices.


General Rules:

I expect every student to obey all of the Millington Central High School rules such as dress code and cell phone and restroom policies . 

In addition to the MCHS rules above, I expect the following of every student:

I expect every student to treat me, their fellow students and any substitute teacher with the basic respect and dignity that is deserved by all human beings. 

I expect every student to come to class with the appropriate pencil or pen.  I accept only pencil or blue or black ink on all writing assignments.  I supply all paper required for the assignments.  Showing up in class without something to write with is like a carpenter going to work without his hammer.

Every student has the right to disagree with me during a discussion, but I expect them to do so in a decent and respectful manner.

I expect every student to remember that I (or my substitute) am in charge of my classroom.  While I welcome disagreement I, or my substitute, will not tolerate open defiance or insubordination at all in my classroom.  This behavior will result in an immediate Disciplinary Referral. 

I expect everyone to remain silent during roll call except to answer when their name is called and I expect them to answer loud enough to be heard.  This is a crucial part of my job and I have to have the student’s cooperation in order to get an accurate roll each day.

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