My name is Jeffrey Owens. I am a Career and Technical Education (C.T.E.) high school teacher at Millington Central High School in Millington, Tennessee. I currently co sponsor a First Tech Challenge robotics club. I also sponsor a Computer Aided Drafting Skills USA club. The subjects that I teach are Architecture and Engineering Design I, Architecture & Engineering Design II, and Career Exploration.

I have been teaching high school for eighteen years. I have studied at Southwest Community College, The University of Tennessee, Freeded-Hartman University, and the University of Memphis.

My students and I have helped our community by designing and drawing park benches, playgrounds, and a Frisbee golf course. We have also designed, drawn, and submitted to architects computer aided drafting (CAD) drawings of the broadcasting classroom at Millington Central High School. We have also drawn floor plans; teacher name plans for parents to be used on open house days, and parent teacher nights. Our floor plans are also be used for tornado drills, fire evacuation, and crisis evacuations.

You may reach me at