Program and Classroom Rules

Program Rules from the Broadcasting Director

As your Broadcasting Program Director, Advisor, and Instructor I need to hear your questions, suggestions, and constructive ideas. Mutual respect, and understanding is important to in order to do the best job possible; cooperative attitudes lead to productive teamwork. If you have questions regarding any aspect of your assignment, project responsibilities or of any the class rule, please consult with me as soon as possible, Mr. Marshonn S. Calvin, Sr. 

Once a student has been accepted into the program they are taught how to deal professionally with all the pressures and challenges of producing sporting events, theatre plays, concerts, school board meetings, commercials, public service announcements, community events, and The Trojan TV news show.

Upon leaving the program, students should:

-Demonstrate knowledge of the history of broadcast journalism and television production

-Be able to research and analyze careers in television and broadcast journalism

-Show knowledge of audio equipment and formats, for video and audio production

-Demonstrate the ability to write scripts for programming of a news program

-Show knowledge of the various requirements for lighting a production set

-Show knowledge of the operation of various cameras

-Exhibit knowledge of computer based video production and editing

-Exhibit knowledge of pre-production, production and post-production activities

-Be able to examine and analyze a production for corrections before airing

-Demonstrate the proper use of graphics and titles

-Show ethical decision-making

-Understand the copyright laws and how to seek formal permission to use copyrighted materials

-Understand the First Amendment Rights