General Course Information

Instructor:                 Mr. Wash Cooper

Office:                        901-873-8100

School Hours:           6:40am - 2:00pm

Planning period:        Block 3B
10:20am – 12:15pm

Classroom:                   Annex Room 505

Phone:                       901-873-8100


Web site:                        

Courses and Textbooks:
- IT Foundations: Discovering Computers, Complete, Shelly Cashman
- Computer Systems: Computers, Understanding Technology, Floyd Fuller, Brian Larson, Lisa A. Bucki

Cabling & Inter-networking:  Networking Fundamentals, Second Edition, Richard M. Roberts
- Computer Applications: MS Word 2013, MS Excel 2013, MS PowerPoint 2013, MS Access 2013

Grading and Evaluation Criteria

40% of the grade is based on team projects. Projects will be graded in accordance to the state mandated CTE rubric. Students will be given a copy of the rubric to assist them in completing their projects.

10% of the grade is based on quizzes. Quizzes are announced one day in advance and may vary from three to five questions that may be in any format.

40% of the grade is based on keeping a project notebook. Students are asked to obtain a small notebook to enter their answers to the various end-of-chapter exercises and projects.

10% of the grade will be from home work/bellwork.

Class Room Procedures

  •   Quietly proceed to your assigned seats and begin bell work
  •   Remain in your assigned seats at all times
  •   All work will be turned into the appropriate box
  •   Clean your area before leaving and take your belongings
  •   Exit quietly after dismissal

Class Room Rules

  • When the instructor is talking, all your attention is on the instructor
  • Come to class on time and prepared (start as directed)
  • No drinks and food, permitted
  • No use of electronic devices
  • Conduct yourself properly at all times (attitude, speaking, mannerism) 



First offense = Verbal Warning
Second offense = Conference with student
Third offense = Call to parents 
Fourth offense = office referral
Severe disruptions = Student sent immediately to the office