Class Expectations/Rules

Classroom Management Plan

Mr. Horton’s Classroom Rules (as posted in class):

  • Students are to act with respect towards the teacher and other classmates, including respecting the property of others.
  • Students must demonstrate maturity at all times (no slang, no foul language, no physical contact, raise hand before speaking, do not interrupt teacher and classmates).
  • Tardiness will not be tolerated.  Every occurrence will be reported to the office.  Students must be IN THEIR SEATS by the bell.
  • No food, drinks, or electronic devices (cell phones, video games) are allowed in class.
  • Students must bring all materials to class (textbook, notebook, and pencil/pen).

 Tardy Policy (Tardies reset at the end of each 9 weeks)

1st Tardy: Warning
2nd Tardy: Detention 
3rd Tardy: Detention
4th Tardy: Referral to administration and Saturday School 
5th Tardy: Referral to administration and Overnight Suspension. Upperclassmen will have driving privileges revoked. 
6th Tardy: Referral to administration and Out of School Suspension.

**Detention is on Wednesday and Thursday 2:15-3:00.  Teacher will assign detention giving the student two days notice.  

 Late Work Policy

Students may turn in work late within 3 days with 10 points off each day.  After three days, work will not be accepted.  (Three strikes, you're out)

The "3 Strikes, You're Out!" Rule
In my class,participation is necessary to be successful.  Students must be wiling to participate appropriately in class activities to get the most out of the lesson.  Occasionally, we will have a day in which the students will be asked to participate and I will take a grade based on the students' participation.  
Here is how it works:  

All participation grades are student centered. 

As long as the student participates appropriately, that grade will stay.  For every time I must redirect the student to participate appropriately, 10 points are deducted.  I will redirect 3 times.  After the third time, no credit will be given. Therefore, three strikes, you're out! 

Progressive Discipline Procedure

  • First offense- Warning
  • Second offense- Student/Teacher conference
  • Third offense- Detention
  • Fourth offense- Detention AND parent contact
  • Fifth offense- Referral

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