Syllabus/Course Outline

ACT Prep-Mrs. Kimberly Funk

Course Outline‚Äč                          

Coursework is designed to help students better prepare themselves for the ACT test. We will complete several practice ACT tests, focusing specifically on the English and Reading sections of the test, and increasing reading comprehension through reading scholarly journal articles.  Increased reading comprehension is vital to success on the ACT.  We’ll improve your grammar, advance your vocabulary, increase your confidence about your ability to take the ACT, and have a really great time practicing together.

Classroom Guidelines and Expectations

1.  Be here.  You need to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings or you will be counted tardy.  After receiving two tardies, you will be assigned after-school detention and worse, be on my mental list of kids who don’t care about my class.  Stay off that list.  Some of your classmates may have college goals and dreams that depend on their performance on the ACT.  Respect my right to teach and all students’ right to learn. 

2. Be responsible.  Bring everything you’ll need, such as paper, a pen, and any work that’s due.  On testing days, make sure you have a pencil.  You are responsible for getting any missed notes or assignments that were given during any absence.  There is a folder designated for each class. 

3.  Be respectful.  You are expected to be courteous and respectful to all students, teachers, and guests.  There will be no swearing, name-calling or snide comments. No food or drinks! No cell phones per school policy.  Devices that are ill-used will be taken from you.  Remember, you control your technology; it shouldn’t control you. 

4.  Be awesome!  Think for yourself. Learn more about your own abilities this semester. Always put forth your best effort.  If you are willing to think deeply, take risks, and work like a madman, then you’ll love this class.  


       A prediction/goal will be determined for each individual student based on the PLAN test taken during the sophomore year and/or ACT scores if the student has already taken the actual test.  Grades on Practice ACT English/Reading tests will be determined as follows:

  • 2 or more over prediction = 100

  • 1 over prediction = 97 

  • prediction = 93 

  • 1 under prediction = 90 

  • 2 under prediction = 86

  • 3 under prediction = 82

  • 4 under prediction = 78

  • 5 under prediction = 74

  • 6 under prediction = 70

  • 7 under prediction = 66


Students will complete 2 Practice ACT Tests along with BellWork, Classwork, Speed-reading Drills, Grammar Skills Sheets, Math Strategy Sessions, Science Interpretations, and a College Research Activity. Each assignment will be assigned a certain number of points. If a student misses a scheduled practice test, he/she must make it up accordingly.

Need to Reach Me?

Feel free to talk to me in Room 313 before school (anytime) or after school (by appointment) if you have any questions or concerns regarding your progress in my class.  If you need to reach me after-hours, the best way is via email found under the Contact Me tab.