Policies and Procedures

                                            ​POLICIES and PROCEDURES

Required Materials - Bring to class EACH DAY

  •  3-ring binder for English Only (may keep in class)
  • Working pen or sharpened pencil (There will be a separate list of supplies for the research paper)

Entering the Classroom

We are in the classroom and seated when the bell rings. You will have six (6) minutes to complete the bellwork.  Bellwork will be taken up at my discretion and is Not accepted late.

Asking Questions/Leaving Your Seat/Getting Help

Do not leave your seat without permission.  You may NOT go to the restroom/get water during the first and last 10 minutes of class. You may only go if you have an emergency.  If you ask me out loud to go somewhere, I will say NO. You must use an MCHS pass..   

Answering the Door

Don’t do it. (Unless given permission.)  Do not announce when someone is at the door. Do not ask to interrupt another teacher’s class.  Do not expect that someone will be allowed to disrupt ours.

Classroom Behavior

As adults, we will come to class on time. We will be prepared. and productive.  Disrespect of Others is Not Tolerated. We Will Not Be Allowed to Disrupt the Learning of Others.


If you are not in the classroom when the bell rings, you will be marked tardy. Do not distract the class by knocking loudly or asking questions when you enter. Slink to your seat.

Testing Procedures

We do not communicate in any way during tests.  Students are expected to remain in their seats until everyone is finished. Note: Make up tests will be given in a different format.

Make Up Work

You are responsible for getting your make-up work.  Ask a classmate what we did.  Make up work is done outside of class. Any questions about your work or your grade must be asked privately before or after class. You will have ONE WEEK to make up work or tests.

Class Dismissal/Announcements

You are expected to remain in your seat until you are dismissed.  We do not disrupt class to pack up.  We listen to all announcements.