Band Course Outline and Syllabus


Mrs. Megan Woodring, Director





The instrumental music courses serve to continue to reinforce a broad range of styles, periods, and composers. In addition to rehearsing, the students will be expected to practice instruments outside of class and will have frequent playing tests. Students will be expected to actively participate in all aspects of the class. There will be numerous opportunities for performance.



The following materials are required each day for Band Class:


  • Your instrument

  • Your muisc (a folder will be provided)

  • A pencil

  • Tennis Shoes (During marching band season)

  • Your Marching Drill Coordinate Sheets (During marching band season)


NOTE: All materials should be in hand EVERY DAY. Any student who does not have his/her materials on any given day will lose five (5) participation points per day.




There is a yearly BAND FEE due at the beginning of the school year. The NONREFUNDABLE fee is $300.00 for all students. The BAND FEE covers the cost of t-shirts, band camp materials, music purchases, uniform cleaning fee, travel costs for various events, etc. Students should pay ther band fee by October 7, 2016.




Your grade in band is based upon three areas. Participation, Tests/Quizzes, and Performances.

In each section below, you will find the criterion associated with each grading category. All term grades are FINAL. It is the student’s responsibly to make up any missed grades. The grading categories and details thereof are listed below.




The grading system for band is a "Performance Based" grading system. The following criteria will be used when determining a student’s grade:


1. Student is on time to class/rehearsal
2. Has appropriate materials
3. Attentive and exhibiting good conduct
4. Attendance to all rehearsal sessions
5. Performs their part at a proficient level

An excused absence does not result in a loss of participation points. Unexcused absences will result in loss of points and may not be made-up (see attendance policy). Unexcused tardies will also result in a loss of points that may not be made up (see attendance policy). Music is a participation class. The only daily work we have is participation. If a student chooses not to participate, on any given day they will lose all participation points for that day. If that non-participating student chooses to disrupt or distract others, they will be subject to disciplinary action.





Performance attendance (100 points per event) and any other required activity or event is included in this section of your grade. *Excused absences will not count against a students grade, however it will make the participation grade more heavily weighted. (see attendance policy section) This is an easy section to get an 'A' in. Just pay attention, and be WHERE you are supposed to be, WHEN you are supposed to be there with a good attitude. In addition, a student who is disruptive or who does not represent Millington Central High School with the utmost integrity will be deducted points at the teacher’s discretion. Finally, a student who does not show up for a performance, and who has a valid excuse according to the attendance policy, will be required to write a 5-7 page research paper (typed, 12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman), that will be due within one week of the missed performance (i.e., if the performance is on Tuesday night, the paper will be due on the following Tuesday). The research paper topic must be selected from the list of topics provided by Mrs. Woodring.


Playing tests will be given at certain times during each semester. (See the Playing Test Rubric in the Band Handbook for details.) Periodically, there will also be written assignments, which will also be included in this portion of your grade.





As a member of the band, each student is responsible to the rest of the band to do his or her best to make the band the best it can be. We strive for Excellence. Therefore, not only is attendance to class and all events very important but also the student's attitude both in class and at events. I realize circumstances arise where a student cannot come to an event. Make arrangements NOW to get off for these dates (see attendance policy). If you cannot come to an event for any reason, please contact me as far in advance as possible. This will help me greatly in planning. Let us serve our school and community well by being well represented at all of our events.


That said, there are times when conflicts arise, no matter how much planning is involved. Therefore, I have developed this attendance policy to help guide us along the way. If there is a conflict with an event, the student must submit an EXCUSED ABSENCE form, which can be found in the bandroom outside of my office. The form MUST be submitted within ONE WEEK of the absence. I will then notify the student if the absence has been approved.



Some examples of “Excused Absences” follow:


1. Illness with a parent or guardian’s verification or the verification of the school nurse or doctor.
2. Death or funeral of a relative or close friend.
3. Emergency Doctor or dental appointments.

(Please consult the band calendar before making appointments.)

4. Family emergencies
5. Inclement weather makes it impossible to attend- determined by the director and principal
6. The wedding of a family member.






1. All absences that are not considered excused, or not handled according to policy.
2. Leaving a rehearsal or performance without getting permission from the director.
3. Personal Trips
4. Non-Emergency Doctor/Dentist appointments (check-up, physical, etc.)

5. Work

6. No Ride




1. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Tardies will result in 3 points deducted from the participation grade for each tardy.

2. Students will not be allowed to leave class to go to another teacher’s room for ANY reason (unless that student is involved in a field trip THAT day or is requested by an administrator). Please do not ask to go to another teacher’s room to work on a project, to “help” that teacher, or for any other reason.




All school rules apply at all times we are together as a band, both at and away from the classroom. I want to emphasize a few of these here: Possession or use of tobacco products, alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons at any event, or possessing gang paraphernalia, exhibiting gang-related activity, etc., may result in immediate expulsion from the event in which case a parent or guardian may be required to make arrangements to have the student picked up, no matter how far away we might be. I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in these areas.


The Band Rules are as follows:


  • Enter QUIETLY. Get out your instrument and music, and be IN YOUR SEAT. You have two minutes to get set-up after the bell rings.


  • DO NOT leave your seat or designated area for ANY REASON during class, unless given permission to do so.


  • NO CELL PHONES (or headphones, MP3s iPods, or the like)—AT ALL!


  • FOOD AND/OR GUM CHEWING is NOT ALLOWED in class. You may bring water in a re-sealable container. You will not be released from class to get water.


  • EVERYONE is expected to participate at ALL TIMES.


  • DO NOT ENTER any of the rooms besides the main Band Room or Instrument Storage Room at any time, unless you have been given permission to do so. (This INCLUDES my OFFICE!)




  • No PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION in the band room, during class or after hours.


  • NO ONE is allowed in the BAND ROOM unless the band director is present.



Violation of the Band rules will result in a loss of participation points AS WELL AS possible disciplinary action. Points will be deducted as follows:


Tardy to class (i.e., not in seat when bell rings) 3 points

Vandalizm 10 points

Cell phones 10 points

Disrespect to Teacher or Student Leaders 10 points

Food or drink in class 15 points

Making noise in hallways when band is mobile 15 points

Public Displays of Affection 20 points

Disrespecting a Substitute Teacher 20 points

Abuse of power by student leaders 25 points


Once a student has lost 25 points, I will be contacting parents/guardians to discuss.

Severe disciplinary infractions may result in an office referral.



If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this syllabus, please feel free to contact me via email at Also, be sure to refer to your Band Handbook.


Thank you,



Megan Woodring, Band Director