Band Handbook

Millington Central

High School



Band Handbook



Band Director:

Mrs. Megan Woodring



Millington Central High School

8050 West Street

Millington, TN 38053





Congratulations on your decision to participate in the outstanding band program at Millington Central High School! You should feel very proud to be associated with this program. This handbook is meant to serve a dual purpose: 1. It is a tool for the student to understand the procedures and protocols of the band program. 2. It will give parents the understanding of what will be expected of students enrolled in band throughout the school year. As you will notice when reading through this handbook, band is a large commitment; however, your had work and effort will yield great results!



Millington Central High School Mission Statement



It is the mission of Millington Central High to develop valued citizens of the community who are literate, responsible people, who are prepared to succeed in roles of leadership, education, the world of work, and family.



MCHS Band Philosophy



The Millington Central High School Band welcomes all enrolled to an outstanding organization. It is through pride, hard work, and dedication that we will maintain our reputation as one of the finer band organizations in this area. Your hard work in this program will be greatly rewarded by the pride that will come with our successes this year.


Mrs. Woodring expects excellence from all band members. The reputation of the Millington Band Program will be a direct result of the high level of expectations and dedication of band members. Excellence is expected not only in performance and preparedness, but most importantly in character and citizenship.

Section 1






High School Band


This class meets during the school day, either during Symphonic Band (1st Period) or Percussion Ensemble (2nd Period). When you choose to be a member of the MCHS Band, you are a member of the Marching Band, Concert Band, and Pep Band. Students will participate in many performances, concerts, contests/competitions, and home football and basketball games throughout the year. Special performances in the community will also be mandatory. Students will always have advanced notice before any performance.


Students will be expected to attend any rehearsals beyond the school day, including after school and evening rehearsals. Students will always have advanced notice before any rehearsal.







  • MARCHING BAND – This ensemble takes place in the fall semester. Events include marching band camp, home football game performances, competitions, and parades.
  • CONCERT BAND – Concert band rehearsals will begin near the end of the marching band season. There will be chair auditions when concert band begins. Events include concerts, festivals, and concert festival.






Section 2




A schedule of events will be given to students periodically during band class. The students will receive a list of scheduled events once all dates and times have been set. The schedule will also be posted in the classroom, as well as on Mrs. Woodring’s class website.



Section 3




Students are expected to be on time to all scheduled events, including class, afternoon/evening rehearsals, band camp rehearsals, and all performances. Roll will be taken at the beginning of every class and/or event. If a student is tardy, the student’s grade will be lowered 10 points. (Class rehearsals are 30 pt. grades, after school rehearsals are 50 pt. grades, and performances are 100 pt. grades.) The only exception to this policy is if the student has submitted an excused absence form explaining the tardy in advance, and that form has been approved by the director.


Students are expected to attend all rehearsals, sectionals, and performances. Students will receive an A if they are punctual and prepared for every event. If a student fails to attend any event, they will receive an F for that event, unless an excused absence form has been filled out and returned to Mrs. Woodring within one week with a signature from a legal guardian.




  1. In the event of a scheduling conflict with another school-related activity, the student should follow the proper procedure for an excused absence. Mrs. Woodring and the sponsor of the conflicting event will meet and decide on the best possible solution for both the student and the activities involved.
  2. Illness or injury
  3. Family emergency
  4. School-approved absence



  1. Work
  2. Insufficient Notice (except in emergencies)
  3. No Ride

Section 4





Students will be evaluated on the following criteria:



  1. Attendance – Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances, and to always be prepared and ON TIME.
  2. Playing Tests – Students are expected to have music prepared at all times. There will be periodic playing tests each week. (Please see Playing Test Rubric on the next page.)
  3. Overall Participation



*Extra Credit may be given to those students who participate in other musical ensembles, participate in musical events, such as All West Festival, Quad-State Festival, U of M Honor Band, take private lessons, or attend another classical musical event (if a program from that event is presented to the director).


**Mrs. Woodring encourages all band students to become better musicians by striving to make extra musical efforts outside of class and by maintaining a positive attitude.













Section 5





AT the end of each spring semester, the MCHS Band will hold a “Senior Night/Recognition Banquet” at which all awards will be presented. The following criteria must be met in order to receive a letter/bar in Band:




  1. Receive the grade of an “A” for at least two consecutive quarters.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude with an emphasis toward the betterment of the band
  3. Consistent participation (****NO UNEXCUSED ABSENCES****)
  4. No in-school or out-of-school suspensions




















Section 6





*Marching Band Section Leaders will be chosen in the spring before the end of the school year. Marching Band Section Leaders will be chosen based on the following criteria:


  1. Performance of a short, prepared music selection (Please see the Playing Test Rubric.)
  2. Positive attitude/leadership abilities
  3. ALWAYS being ON TIME


NOTE: Mrs. Woodring will select Marching Band Section Leaders, and she has the right to remove the title from any student if they do not continue to meet the criteria above.


**Auditions for concert band seating will take place during the latter part of the marching band season, and again in the spring semester. Auditions will consist of the following:


  1. Excerpts chosen by Mrs. Woodring (which will be given to the students at least one week in advance)
  2. Scales
  3. Sight Reading


Scoring will be based on the following considerations: tone quality, pitch, rhythmic accuracy, interpretation, musicianship, technique, and posture. (Please see the Playing Test Rubric.) Participation, attitude, and leadership will also be taken into consideration when deciding chair placement. This audition will serve as a major grade for the semester, as it will count for DOUBLE the points of a regular playing test.


After auditions are completed, each student will be assigned to a regular seat. Depending on what part they earn in their section, a student may decide to CHALLENGE the person seated ahead of them. Challenges will take place every two weeks on Fridays after school. The first week of challenges will occur two weeks after the original auditions are held. A student may only challenge one chair ahead of his/her current seat. The challenger must give the person being challenged, as well as Mrs. Woodring, at least a three-day notice of the challenge. No challenges will be allowed two weeks prior to a performance. Students are only allowed TWO challenges per semester. Challenges do NOT apply to the position of Marching Band Section Leader, and they do NOT affect a student’s grade.

Section 7




There will be 3 fundraisers throughout the course of the year. Students are expected to participate in each. The effort put forth on each fundraiser will greatly determine things, such as the cost per student for band tour, number of marching competitions, and major band purchases.


Turning in all fundraiser materials ON TIME will count as a grade for each student, even if they have chosen not to sell.




Section 8




Band Tour is a trip at the end of the school year that serves as a reward for a year of hard work in our program. The dates, location, and price of each Band Tour will be determined by Mrs. Woodring and announced early in each school year. This trip is a privilege for students, not a right. Only those students displaying a positive attitude and good work ethic during the school year will be allowed to participate. Any student with numerous tardies, in-school or out-of-school suspensions, repeatedly poor conduct, and or receiving an “F” for any 9-week grading period during the year in band class will not be allowed to participate. Proper notification will be given to those students not allowed to participate. In the event that a student has paid money toward the cost of their trip, but finds themself unable to attend due to one of the previously mentioned stipulations, will NOT be refunded.







Section 9





Full band rehearsal and limited sectional time with Mrs. Woodring are a very short amount of time for a student to develop individual musical growth because instruction is usually generated toward ensemble playing. Therefore, it is important to consider private lessons for the student.


Many successful band students know that private lessons are essential to becoming a better musician. One on one attention with an expert musician adds greater insight into the specifics of playing each instrument.


Please see Mrs. Woodring if you would like to consider private instruction. I will work to find an instructor who is right for you!




Section 10




It is necessary that all students practice on a regular schedule. The only way students will progress is through at home practice. (It will also allow them to score well on individual playing tests!!) Mrs. Woodring will take note of which students take their instruments home each week. Students who demonstrate evidence of hard work will receive higher grades, and more importantly, those students will be helping improve our overall band program!




Be an interested parent!

  • Show an interest in your student’s musical progress.
  • Be willing to listen to your student’s practice sessions.
  • Offer encouragement.
  • Remind your student of his/her “at home practice time.”




As your director, I promise that I will be prepared for every rehearsal, so I expect that YOU will extend the same courtesy to me by practicing your music. Thank you in advance!!

Section 11




It is each student’s responsibility to adhere to ALL the rules set forth by the director and Millington Central High School.




  1. Make sure you have your instrument, music, pencil, and any other required materials at every rehearsal.
  2. No talking while the director is on the podium.
  3. Always respect others.
  5. Be on time for class, rehearsals, and performances. (To be 5 minutes early is to be ON TIME!)
  6. Do not enter the director’s office unless she is present, or you have been given permission.
  7. The telephone is not yours – please ask for permission.
  8. Always do your best to have a good, positive attitude.


If a student causes any problems during class or rehearsal time, a warning will be given. If the problem continues, teacher contact will be made with the student’s parents. Major disciplinary procedures will be followed by the school district’s handbook.


It is of the utmost importance that students behave properly during all performances and/or trips. Student behavior is a reflection on Millington Central High School, as well as the community. Inappropriate behavior while traveling or at a performance will result in the student’s loss of opportunity to participate in future trips. Also, the student’s grade for that performance will be lowered by two letter grades.





Section 12




MCHS has nice music facilities and equipment. It is everyone’s responsibility to respect all school property. We are fortunate to have the instruments and equipment for our use; therefore, they must be kept functional and orderly. If our equipment is not cared for, we will not be receiving anything new in the future.


  • Students are responsible for: Music, Folder, Instrument, Pencil
  • With the amount of traveling that we do and the number of students in our program, it is suggested that all students have an instrument tag of the outside of the instrument case with the student’s name, address, phone number, and school labeled clearly.
  • All students will have an assigned space for their instrument to be stored in the band room each day. Students may bring in their instruments before school, and they should be taken home each day after school. Each student is responsible for keeping his/her storage area neat and clean. NO TRASH. The band room will always be locked when not in use. However, Millington Central High School is not an insurer of goods and is not responsible for any lost or stolen instruments or belongings or damage to any instruments or belongings. The storing of one’s musical instrument in the designated area constitutes express consent to this limitation.
  • Students are responsible for their own instruments/belongings when away from the school on any band-related trip.







Section 13





It is the responsibility of the student to keep his/her instrument in good condition. Proper maintenance will be discussed in class, if necessary, for each instrument. For wind players, always clean your instrument out after playing. This is a MUST!!! Be sure to have plenty of accessories, such as cleaning supplies, reeds, valve oil, slide cream, slide grease, etc. You may obtain some of these items from Mrs. Woodring for a fee. Direct payment for these supplies is necessary in order for you to receive them; the band cannot afford to pay for these supplies for everyone! You may also purchase your supplies in any music store.


If an instrument is not in working order, please notify the director. Often, it is a repair that can be fixed by Mrs. Woodring on the spot. If the problem is too extensive, then you may need to consider notifying a music shop. Representatives from AMRO Music come to the school once a week, so your instrument may be sent with them for repair, but only with parental permission.


















Section 13





Band members will have uniforms issued to them during the beginning of the school year. Students are responsible for purchasing the following: marching shoes, gloves, polo shirt, and black socks. (This is in addition to your Band Fee. Please see the Band Permit Card for more info.


  • Uniforms are a very expensive part of our band equipment budget. They have to last for many years. Please, take good care of them. We require limited make-up use and no hair dye-use that could rub off on the uniform.
  • Each uniform will be checked by the director or a band parent before a student leaves after a performance to ensure that they have been hung up properly.
  • Students perform better and look better as a unit when dressed properly.
  • When you’re wearing your uniform...
    • Hair must be pulled back
    • No big jewelry (including earrings, bracelets, etc)
    • No watches
    • No sunglasses
    • You MUST wear black socks!


Concert Uniform


Students are require to wear ALL BLACK and look PROFESSIONAL for all Concert performances. Here are examples of acceptable attire:


Gentlemen: Black suit with black button up shirt; black trousers, black button up shirt, black dress shoes, black socks. (No colorful ties, please.) NO TENNIS SHOES!


Ladies: Black skirt or dress, black trousers (ankle or floor length preferred), black blouse or black cardigan. NO OPEN TOED SHOES, NO SLEEVELESS TOPS!