Class Sylabus

Algebra 1 Syllabus


Millington Central High School

Ms. Rosemary Boswell - Room 109


Welcome to Algebra 1! J

My objective for this class is for every student to build confidence and a strong foundation of Algebra.  With this confidence and strong foundation, the student will be better prepared for upper levels of math, exceed their predictions on state mandated exams (EOC – End of Course Exams), and the ACT test.

Your child’s success in Algebra 1 will depend on two things:  great attendance and participation.  Being at school daily and doing practice problems are essential for learning and maintaining the skills being taught. 

My classroom rules are simple:

Be on time; Be prepared; Be respectful; Be positive; Give 110%.

Grading Scale                                              Class Grades

A: 100-93                                                       Tests 30%

B: 92-85                                                         Quizzes 30%

C:  84-75                                                       Classwork 20%

D: 74-70                                                        Bellwork/Participation 20%

F: below 70


*Supplies needed: 1inch binder, paper, graph paper and pencils & colored pencils. 
**WISH LIST:  Kleenex, highlighters, dry erase markers

           Make up work should be completed in a timely manner.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure make up work is received.  Test and quizzes can be rescheduled IF a day of new material is missed – not a day of review.  


Algebra 1


Nine Week









A.SSE.1; A-SSE.2; Seeing Structure in Expressions

A-CED.2; A-CED.3; A-CED.4; Creating Equations

A-REI.5; A-REI.6; A-REI.11; A-REI.12; Reasoning w/Equations & Inequalities

F-IF.2; F-IF.7; I-IF.8; F-IF.9; Interpreting Functions

F-BF.1; Building Functions

F-LE.2; F-LE.5; Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models

N-Q.1; Quantities

S-ID.6; S-ID.7; S-ID.8; Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data

A-APR.1; Arithmetic w/Polynomials & Rational Expressions












Explain the meaning of slope and yintercept; Determine equation of a line; Understand rate of change is also slope; Write and solve linear equations/inequalities; Interpret displays of data; Determine equation/line of best fit; Make predictions based on line of best fit; Solve systems of linear equations/inequalities; Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials; Operate with polynomials and simplify results







Linear Functions & Relations

Systems of Equations and Inequalities






Major Assignment/s








Instructional Materials


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Algebra 1 (2015)

Graphing Calculator

Supplemental resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

Field Trip/s