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ACT Math Prep


Nine Week


1st Nine Weeks







N202. Recognize equivalent fractions and fractions in lowest terms.

N 501 Order Fractions

AF 401. Solve routine two-step or three-step arithmetic problems involving

concepts such as rate and proportion, tax added, percentage off,

and estimating by using a given average value in place of actual values

AF 601. Solve word problems containing several rates, proportions, or percentages

AF 701. Solve complex arithmetic problems involving percent of increase or

decrease or requiring integration of several concepts (e.g., using several

ratios, comparing percentages, or comparing averages)

AF 301. Solve routine one-step arithmetic problems using positive rational numbers,

such as single-step percent

AF 201. Solve problems in one or two steps using whole numbers and using

decimals in the context of money

A 405. Match simple inequalities with

their graphs on the number line

(e.g., x ≥ – )

A 503. Solve first-degree inequalities when

the method does not involve reversing

the inequality sign

A 504. Match compound inequalities with

their graphs on the number line

(e.g., –10.5 < x ≤ 20.3)

A 602. Solve linear inequalities when the

method involves reversing the

inequality sign

A 603. Match linear inequalities with their

graphs on the number line.

AF 302. Solve some routine two-step arithmetic problems

AF 501. Solve multistep arithmetic problems that involve planning or converting common

derived units of measure (e.g., feet per second to miles per hour)

A 301. Substitute whole numbers

for unknown quantities to evaluate


A 401. Evaluate algebraic expressions by

substituting integers for unknown


A 202. Solve equations in the form

x + a = b, where a and b are

whole numbers or decimals

A 403. Solve routine first-degree


A 604 Solve systems of two linear equations.

A 502. Solve real-world problems by using

first-degree equations.

A 604. Solve systems of two linear

















Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers from simple to complex problems.

Calculate ratios and proportions.

Determine percentage of a number and solve percentage word problems.

Solve problems involving percent increase and decrease and combinations thereof.

Solve inequalities and graph solution sets.

Solve word problems using a variety of operations.

Substitute unknown quantities in equations and use order of operation.

Solve linear equations in one variable.

Solve systems of two linear equations.

Translate word problems into math and solve systems of equations word problems.

Identify strategies helpful when taking the ACT Test.








Number and Quantity (N)

Algebra (A)

Functions (F)

Geometry (G)

Statistics & Probability (S)




Major Assignment/s










Instructional Materials


TI-81 Calculators. Promethian Board, ACT Workbook and website.

Field Trip/s




ACT Math Prep


Nine Week


2ndNine Weeks







G202. Calculate the length of a line segment based based on lengths of other line segments that go in the same direction.

G302. Compute the perimeter of polygons when all side lengths are given.

G 403. Compute the area and perimeter of triangles and rectangles.

G505. Compute the perimeter of simple composite geometric figures with unknown side lengths.

G303. Determine area of rectangles when whole number dimensions are given.

G403. (Above)

G506. Compute the areas of triangles and rectangles when additional steps are required.

G507. Compute area and circumference of circles after identifying necessary.

G601. Use relationships involving area, perimeter, and volume of geometric figures to compute another measure (i.e. surface area given volume and a dimension.

G510. Determine slope of a line from points or a graph.

G301. Exhibit angular knowledge regarding parallel lines.

G401. Use properties of parallel lines to find measurements of angles.

G501. Use angular properties to find unknown angular measurement.

G705. Solve multistep geometry problems that involve integrating concepts, planning, and/or visualization.

G404. Find the length of the hypotenuse given simple computation.

G508. Given the length of two sides of a right triangle, find the length of the third side.

G602. Use the Pythagorean Theorem.

S201. Calculate an average of whole numbers.

S301. Average a list of numbers.

S302. Calculate an average based on number and sum of data values.

S401. Calculate the missing value given the average and frequency counts.

S501. Calculate an average based on frequency counts of all data values.

S601. Find and use a weighted average.

S701. Given a list of numbers, distinguish between mean, median and mode.

A509. Work with squares and square roots of numbers.

A510. Work with cubes and cube roots of numbers.

A511. Work with scientific notation.

A512. Work problems involving positive integer exponents.

N401. Round numbers, order decimals, and identify patterns, primes, and greatest common factors.

N601. Apply number properties involving prime factorization.

N602. Apply properties involving even/odd numbers and factors/multiples.

N603. Apply properties involving positive and negative numbers.

N604. Realize pi is irrational and square roots of imperfect squares are irrational.

N701. Analyze and make conclusions based on number concepts.

N702. Apply properties of the rational number system.

N703. Apply properties of the real number system.















Determine lengths of line segments and perimeters of shapes.

Find the area of geometric shapes and work backward to find dimensions.

Find area and circumference of circles.

Calculate volume and work backward to find dimension.

Find and use slope to solve simple and complex problems.

Determine angle properties and congruence given situational context.

Find missing sides of right triangles and recognize Pythagorean Triples.

Calculate average and distinguish between mean, median, mode, and range.

Use exponents to calculate solutions and simplify expressions.

Recognize and perform operations with inequalities, square roots, absolute value, exponents, and fractions.









Number and Quantity (N)

Algebra (A)

Functions (F)

Geometry (G)

Statistics & Probability (S)




Major Assignment/s










Instructional Materials


TI-81 Calculators. Promethian Board, ACT Mastery Prep Workbook and website.

Field Trip/s






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