Robert Galloway

Hello My Name Is...
Robert Galloway

I am the Senior Naval Science Instructor and this will be my 14th year at Millington Central High School.  My primary job is to oversee the Navy JROTC program.  I am also the primary academic instructor for the Naval Science-4/Senior cadets.  MCHS has adopted the AB Block schedule this year which means that we see our students every other day; either two or three times a week on an alternating basis.  We are also very proud of our new spaces which are in the former high school annex building. 

Course Schedule:
Wednesday--Personnel Inspection and Military Drill
Thursday--Personnel Inspection and Military Drill
Friday--Physical Fitness and Leadership

Overall Grading Percentages for NS-4 Cadets:

Leadership = 30%
Personnel Inspection = 30%
Academic = 10%
Academics Tests = 10%
Military Drill = 10%
Physical Training = 10%

Note:  NS-4/Senior cadets are expected to set the example for ALL cadets to follow.  This includes, but is not limited to: leadership both within and outside the ROTC classroom, promotions within a normal time period, wearing the uniform every week and wearing it properly, be in class on time every day and be within the MCHS dress code.  I expect the very best from our Senior Cadets.  If an NS-4 cadet goes to ISS for actions in ANY class, this is not good leadership.

In addition to individual jobs and tasks that NS-4 cadets complete throughout the year we will also study:

How to build a Resume'
Financial Management for Teenagers
Qualities of Good Leadership
  Effective Oral and Written Communications