Teacher: Mr. Bryan                                                    
Course: Economics


  1. Be on time.  The Millington High tardy policy will be enforced.
  2. Be prepared.  Book, notebook, and a writing utensil should be brought to class daily.
  3. Be responsible.  Make wise decisions, you will be held accountable for your actions.
  4. Demonstrate respect. Towards the teacher, other students, and yourself.

Your behavior should be in line with the following principles at all times:

Honesty, Courtesy, Respect, and Responsibility.

Conversely, I will demonstrate these principles in all of my dealings with you.



Grades are not given, they are earned!  Assessments will fairly and accurately measure the amount of knowledge you have learned.

My classes use a total point system.  Homework, classwork, and quizzes will usually carry a value of 20 or 30 points, depending on the length of the assignment. 

At least two grades will be recorded each week.

Homework will not count for more than 10% of the total grade.

Tests will be given approximately every two weeks, and will count for 100 points.

Students are required to keep a notebook for their bellwork, assignments, and class notes.  This notebook will be graded and count for 90 points each 9 weeks.


Make Up Work

The responsibility for finding out about make up work lies with the student. 

Upon returning from an absence, the student should ask the teacher or a reliable classmate about missed work.  Make up work should be completed as quickly as possible, and excessively late work will not be accepted.  

Make up tests may require the student to stay after school.  Please don’t miss on test day.


Leaving Class

Students will be allowed to leave the room only after the first 10 minutes and not within the last 10 minutes of class.

Please go to the restroom and get water between classes to minimize interruptions.  Under no circumstance should a student leave class without first obtaining the teachers signature on a hall pass.



*All electronic devices, including cell phones and MP3 players, are forbidden inside the classroom according to policy, and will be collected if their use becomes a problem.

*Food and drink are not allowed inside the classroom. 

*Students must be dressed in accordance with dress code policy.


Supplies Needed: Pens, Pencils, Paper, Folder/Notebook, Book Cover.


Course Description: This course will provide students with an understanding of the way in which society organizes its limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants.  Students will be introduced to the major characteristics of the mixed market economic system in the U.S., and how basic economic questions are answered.  Emphasis will be placed on the role of the individual as a producer, saver, and taxpayer in relation to the system.


Course Outline:         (This is a general outline)

Week 1            Introduction to Economics (Chapter 1)

Week 2            Economic Systems (Chapter 2)

Week 3            Demand (Chapter 4)

Week 4            Supply (Chapter 5)

Week 5            Price and Production (Chapter 6)

Week 6            Business Economics (Chapter 3)

Week 7            Labor Economics (Chapter 8)

Week 8            Government Revenue (Chapter 9)

Week 9            Government Spending (Chapters10)

Week 10          Macroeconomic Performance (Chapter 12)

Week 11          Economic Instability (Chapters 13)

Week 12          Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve (Chapter 14)

Week 13          Economic Stabilization Policies (Chapter 15)

Week 14          International Trade (Chapter 16)

Week 15          Financial Markets (Chapter 11)

Week 16          Market Structures (Chapter 7)

Week 17          Review

Week 18          Final Exam