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World Geography

Nine Week

First Nine Weeks


WG.1 Understand that spatial patterns and processes are essential to appreciating how people live on Earth.

WG.2 Apply geographic thinking in addressing global issues.

WG.3 Obtain geographical information about the world’s countries, cities, and environments.

WG.4 Apply the concepts of location, scale, map projection, or orientation.

WG.5 Develop and refine mental maps of world regions.

WG.6 Create and compare political, physical, and thematic maps.

WG.7 Analyze and explain how different cultures use maps and other visual images to reflect their own interests and ambitions.

WG.8 Explain and apply geospatial technologies including GIS, GPS, and remote sensing.

WG.9 Describe ways in which different types of physical processes create and shape the surface of the Earth.

WG.10 Identify regional climatic patterns and weather phenomena and their effects on people and places.

WG.11 Describe how humans influence the environment and are influenced by it.

WG.12 Explain how technology affects one’s ability to modify the environment and adapt to it. (C, E, G)

WG.13 Explain how characteristics of regions have led to regional labels.

WG.14 Explain how regional landscapes reflect the physical environment and the cultural characteristics of their inhabitants.

WG.17 Compare and contrast the distribution, growth rates, and characteristics of human population in terms of settlement patterns and the location of natural and capital resources. (E, G)

WG.18 Analyze the role of demography in each region of the world, including life expectancy, birth rate, fertility rate, dependency ratio, and standard of living indicators.





The student will use maps, globes, satellite images, photographs, or diagrams for geographic purposes.

The student will analyze how selected physical and ecological processes shape the Earth’s surface.

The student will examine the factors that affect human populations, including trends and influences in human migration.

The student will examine global economics patterns and interactions.







The Five Themes of Geography/ The Geographers Craft

The Earth in Space/ Earth-Sun relationships

Weather and Climate


Demographaphy/ Culture/ Systems of Governance and Economics

Major Assignment/s



The learner will work in small groups and complete Power Points on “The Five Themes of Geography; with research sources noted

The learner will write essay’s describing, evaluating and comparing “The Earth in Space/ Earth-Sun relationships.

The learner will complete map projects and questions associated with World Map.

The learners will complete test on the Demographaphy/ Culture/ Systems of Governance and Economics requiring them to use all the rigorous thinking skills they have learned.

Instructional Materials


World Geography Textbook, Handouts, Primary/Secondary sources, Computers with internet access.

Field Trip/s


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