World History

Mrs. R. Moore
                Room: 210


World History 

Class Description
This course emphasizes the historical and critical thinking skills to detect trends, analyze movements and events to develop a “sense of history”.  We will begin the beginning of man and end the first semester with the Industrial Revolution.  We will discuss an array of historical issues.  World History is an advanced class and all students are expected to maintain behavior that is reflective of that level.  The end result is for each student to learn to appreciate their personal perspective of historical facts, and to take historical events and apply them to current matters and learn from them.

On the back of this page…
As we begin the school year, I want to introduce you to the guidelines I have established for my classroom and the consequences that accompany them.  I intend to create a learning environment in this classroom that is respectful and productive for all of you, while also allowing for your individual needs to be met.  This set of guidelines will allow us to accomplish this goal.  

!!Let’s make it a T.R.I.B.E CLASSROOM!!


Be Trustworthy. Do your OWN work. 

Be Respectful of those around you. Respect physical space, property, and others’ beliefs.

Have  Integrity. Own your mistakes and learn from them. Do the right thing.

Believe in yourself. Know you can and will achieve goals, if you set them.

Strive for  Excellence. Come prepared every day. 

A few more Reminders…

Textbook Pencil or Pen (blue/black ink only)  
Paper Colored Pencils


Grading Policy:   *** District Grading Scale
A: 93-100% B: 85-92% C: 75-84% D: 70-74% F: 69% and below

Grades:  Each semester your grade will be reflective of your performance on daily assignments, daily participation, special projects, homework, quizzes (written and map) and tests.  Participation consists of your ability to respond to daily objectives of this class, which will include: writing/reading assignments, respectful class discussions, current event articles and summarization, mapping exercises, and peer/group activities.  It is each and every student’s responsibility to complete assignments in a timely manner.  All students will be given an opportunity to make up any incomplete missing assignments. Each category is weighted the same, to allow students that struggle with testing to successfully complete the course.  
***One other note: cheating and plagiarizing are not fair to yourself or to your classmates.  It will result in a phone call home, and receiving a zero for the assignment (this consequence is for all parties involved).
Make-up Work/Absences: Please verify the assignment information with me.  Absences are a normal part of life…but please be responsible after that absence!  Following an absence, communicate with me immediately before class in order to discuss a timeline for completing missed assignments. Please note: if you are absent on a test review day but present on the day the test is being given you MUST take the test!!!

If you are not in class by the time the bell rings, you are tardy.  When tardy you will sign the tardy log, excessive tardies will result in a referral.  

One last are always welcome to talk to me before or after class and before or after school in my room. Have a wonderful and FUN year! —Mrs. Moore
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