General Course Information

Instructor:                  Mr. Wash Cooper

Office:                         901-873-8100

School Hours:           6:40am - 2:00pm

Planning period:        Block 1B 7:00 am
 – 8:35 am

Classroom:                   Annex Room 505

Phone:                         901-873-8100


Web site:                          

Courses and Textbooks:
- Computer Science Foundations: Discovering Computers, Complete, Shelly Cashman
- Computer Systems: Computers, Understanding Technology, Floyd Fuller, Brian Larson, Lisa A. Bucki

Cabling & Inter-networking:  Networking Fundamentals, Second Edition, Richard M. Roberts

Grading and Evaluation Criteria

Labs and Classwork will be graded in accordance with the state mandated careers and technical education (CTE) rubric. Students will be given a copy of the rubric to assist them in completing their labs and classwork.

15% of the grade is based on quizzes. Quizzes are announced one day in advance and may vary from three to five questions that may be in any format.

25% of the grade is based on Tests. Tests are announced a week in advance and may be in any format; multiple choice, true/false, summary. 

40% of the grade is based on classwork and the Cisco Networking Academy Web based coursework. Students are asked to maintain continuous self-pace progress and complete various chapter activities, quizzes, tests, and labs.

Progress Reports: Computer printout progress reports will be given to each student approximately every four weeks.

Computer Usage:  Students must have a written Student Agreement & Parent/Guardian Permission Form on file at the library to access the Internet.  It is imperative that students who have not completed this form do so immediately as computer and Internet usage is an integral part of the coursework for this class.

Parent Conference Procedure:  Parent conferences and inquiries are welcomed.  You may reach me at the number listed on the Web Site or by email. Should the need arise to schedule a conference; you can do so by contacting the subject area counselor.

Make-up Policy: Students will have one day for each excused day absent to make up work.  Because much of the work in this class must be completed in class, I will have to stay after school for students to make up work. Should students miss school on days when new or graded concepts are covered, they should make an appointment with me to stay after school.

Course Format: Students will develop skills through a variety of methodologies including: 

A.  Lecture                             C Simulations                    E. Technology
B.  Demonstrations                  D.  Practice                         F. Class Discussion

Class Room Procedures

  •   Quietly proceed to your assigned seats and begin bell work
  •   Remain in your assigned seats at all times
  •   All work will be turned into the appropriate box
  •   Clean your area before leaving and take your belongings
  •   Exit quietly after dismissal

Class Room Rules

  • When the instructor is talking, all your attention is on the instructor
  • Come to class on time and prepared (start as directed)
  • No drinks and food, permitted
  • No use of electronic devices
  • Conduct yourself properly at all times (attitude, speaking, mannerism) 


First offense = Verbal Warning
Second offense = Conference with student
Third offense = Call to parents 
Fourth offense = office referral
Severe disruptions = Student sent immediately to the office