Amy Ingram

Hello My Name Is...

Amy Ingram


 I am an alum of Millington Central High School, and was blessed to return to my Alma Mater eight years ago as a teacher. I graduated from the University of Memphis Suma Cum Laude with a Teaching All Learners degree. I am happily married with three children, who also all graduated from MCHS.  We are a TROJAN family.  I recently became a Gigi to two sweet grandbabies!

Learning Lab Syllabus
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Millington Central High School

Mrs. Amy Ingram - Room 104 


Welcome to Learning Lab!

My objective for this class is for every student to build confidence and a strong foundation in math.  With this confidence and strong foundation, the student will be better prepared for upper levels of math. We will work on skill deficits not only in math, but also reading. Along with improving math and reading skills, we will work to improve ACT scores and most importantly teach the student skills that will help them to improve their study skills, test taking skills, and grade self- monitoring in all classes.

Your student’s success in Learning Lab will depend on two things:  great attendance and participation.  Being at school daily is essential for learning and maintaining the skills being taught. 

Classroom Rules:

Be on time; Be prepared; Be respectful; Be positive; Give 110%.


1-inch binder with dividers, paper, pencils/pens

**Wish List**:  Kleenex, highlighters, colored pencils


I can best be reached by email, and please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to a successful and fun year with your student. 

My Schedule

A Day

1st period -7:00-8:35- Room 109

co-teach Algebra with Ms. Boswell

2nd period- 8:40-10:15-planning

3rd period- 10:20-12:20- Room 109

co-teach Algebra with Ms. Boswell

C lunch- 11:50-12:20

4th period – 12:25-2:00- Room 109

co-teach Algebra with Ms. Boswell

B Day

1st period- 7:00-8:35- Room 104

math learning lab

2nd period- 8:40- 10:15- Room 104

math learning lab

3rd period- 10:20-12:20- 
co-teach Algebra II with Dr. Smith

B lunch-11:20- 11:50

4th period- 12:25- 2:00
co-teach Geometry with Ms. Garner