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Welcome to Mr. Horton's English I (Standard and Honors), English II (Honors), and Creative Writing Classes!!



"Promise me you'll always remember:  You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"---A. A. Milne (Creator of Winnie the Pooh)

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James Horton
English I & English II
(Standard and Honors)
Creative Writing


Welcome to English I, English II and, most recently, Creative Writing at Millington Central High School.  I am so excited to be starting my 19th year teaching and my fourth year here at MCHS.  I look forward to a productive and successful year in Millington Municipal Schools.  

This year I have 2 English II Honors classes.   I am super excited to have many of the same students 2 years in a row.  Here's to another stellar year at MCHS.

English I is a pivotal year for high school students.  As they transition from middle school to high school, expectations grow and students are asked to become more responsible for their learning.

English II is a very important year for the students and the school.  English II is an AMO subject which means these scores count toward the state report card, as well as, 25% of the students' grade.
In this class,we will study literature, grammar, and writing---all in preparation for the End of Course test to be taken in late April and early May.  There is a new testing service so we will be focusing on preparing for the EOC with a new vendor.  This test is worth 25% of their grade so it is important to begin early to give them the best chance at doing well on this test.

In short, this is priming to be an exciting time at Millington Municipal Schools.  Having met all of the students and starting to know them, I can not help but be enthusiastic about this upcoming school year.