MCHS 1:1 Information and Documents

Millington Central High School is excited to offer a 1 to 1 opportunity to our students. Below you will find information as it relates to our 1:1 program.

Through this link you can view a video of one of the meetings in order to get any information you may have missed -Parent meeting video

Here is a copy of the presentation that was shown at all the parent meetings -MCHS 1 to 1 parent meeting

If you did not attend a meeting, you will need to download and sign theParent Permission and Acknowledgement Formand send it back with your child no later than Friday, January 18, 2019.
Here is a copy of the currentMCHS 1 to 1 Handbook

View optional insurance flyer information for student laptops here - 
MCHS 1 to 1 Insurance Flyer

Sign-up for insurance here (
NOTE: the username and password for the signup is in the above insurance flyer) -




1. Do I have to purchase the insurance?
No. The insurance is optional and covers theft of the device. Accidental damage is already covered under the policy held by the school. Malicious vandalism of the device by the student is not covered.

2. My child didn't indicate they wanted a backpack on the fall survey. Can they still get one?
Yes. Extra backpacks were ordered and will be available on distribution days.

3. How will students secure their laptops during after school sport practices?

  • Sports that practice on campus and have facilities will have lockers and locks available for their players (basketball and football).
  • Sports that practice on campus but do not have locker facilities have the option of issuing their players lockers inside the school and then having the coach let them back in after practice to retrieve their laptops or have the players secure their belongings in the coach's classroom and retrieve them after practice. 
  • For sports that practice off campus, athletes will secure their laptops in their vehicles or send them home with the person who delivered them to practice.
  • Coaches may devise other plans and will communicate those with parents and players.

4. I don't have Internet at home. How will my child complete his/her assignments?
Ritter Communications has offered a plan exclusively for new customers that are families of MCHS students. You can contact them for information about this plan. In addition, the school has hot spots available for checkout from the library. Students who do not have Internet access easily available can check these out for a 2-day period when they have an assignment due.

5. I don't want my child to bring their computer home. What do I do about that?
Any parent who doesn't wish for their child to participate fully in the 1:1 laptop program will have to discuss their concerns with the principal, Dr. Durley. 

6. Can my child bring their own laptop to school and use it instead?
No. We are not able to ensure that outside devices are secure for our network. Additionally, we cannot install software purchased by the district on outside devices and therefore could not be certain these devices are equipped as they need to be.

7. Can my child opt out of having a laptop altogether?
There is no opt-out clause in our parent/student handbook. The board of education and director of schools have made the decision to integrate this technology fully into our curriculum and it is our plan to do so. Teachers will be using these devices in their classes on a regular basis and students are expected to complete the work assigned. If you feel strongly that you do not want your child to have this device, you will have to discuss your concerns with the principal, Dr. Durley.

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