Attendance Policies/Procedures




Students are expected to be present at school and to arrive and depart on time in accordance with the provisions of the Tennessee Compulsory Attendance Law. Students who are absent or tardy miss valuable instructional time and other important school activities. Chronic tardiness and absence from school result in a student being less likely to master those skills, concepts, and principles needed to be successful in life and to achieve on his/her respective grade level. Also, absenteeism and tardiness are highly disruptive to the “teaching-learning” process.

Please read these procedures carefully and discuss them with your student

I.              Arrival to School

II.             Tardiness

a)     Tardy Policy

III.           Late Check-In/Early Check-Out (Partial Absence)

IV.            Absences

V.             Truancy

I.               Arrival to School

School start time is 7:00 AM.  School dismissal is 2:00 PM. Students will be allowed in the building at 6:45 AM and are to remain on campus upon arrival.

Students who do not report to school by the start of the school day, 7:00 AM will be counted as tardy. For the purpose of reporting to Juvenile Court for truancy, five unexcused tardies will equal one unexcused absence.

II.              Tardiness

Students who arrive to school after 7:15 AM are required to sign-in through the Main Office immediately upon entering the campus. Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom without an admit slip.

Any arrival to class that is 15 minutes or greater, is considered cutting class. Any student without an approved excuse note will be subject to disciplinary action.

a)     Tardy Policy

Arrival to 1st Period after 7:00 AM will result in the student being marked tardy. Arrival to any other class after the bell rings, will result in the student being marked tardy. The enforcement of tardies will be as follows and will start over at the beginning of each 9-week period:

1st tardy  Warning 
2nd tardy  Detention (Teacher Assigned) 
3rd tardy  Detention (Teacher Assigned) 
4th tardy  Teacher referral to administration. Saturday School will be issued. Failing to attend Saturday School will result in OSS. 
5th tardy  Teacher referral to administration for Overnight Suspension and parent meeting. Students will not be allowed to attend school until the administration meeting with the parent and student concerning tardiness. 
6th tardy  Teacher referral to administration for OSS – categorized as Willful Disobedience 
(consequences for 6th tardy will be enforced for all subsequent tardies during the 9-week period)

III.            Late Check-In/Early Check-Out

Students must be in attendance a minimum of 195 minutes during the school day to be counted present for the entire day. Missing a portion of the school day or portion of any class or activity during the school day will be considered a Partial Absence.

Early Check-Out

It is required that a parent/guardian or designated emergency contact sign their student out in the Main Office. Under no circumstances will a student be released to unidentified or unauthorized persons. Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action.

ID WILL BE REQUIRED... The student must be picked up by a member of the family or designated person listed on Skyward. The person picking up the student must report to the office and sign the student out. The office will then call the student to the office. Students  will not be called to the office before parent shows ID. For the safety of all students, please be prepared to show a government issued picture ID, as this will be required when checking out a student.

Parents desiring persons other than themselves or persons listed in Skyward to pick up their student from school must come to the school prior to and add the person to the emergency contact sheet.

Licensed student drivers may sign out if the following requirements are met:

Student must provide a note from their parent/guardian stating the reason for checkout, time of checkout, and a contact number for the parent/guardian and a copy parent picture identification.

The note must be turned in to the Attendance Office prior to 8:30 AM on the day of checkout.

Parents can also email their note to with the parent/guardian stating the reason for checkout, time of checkout, and a contact number for the parent/guardian and copy parent picture identification.

Upon verification with the parent/guardian, the student will be issued an 'early checkout' slip for the designated time. The student will sign-out in the Attendance Office.

If school staff is unable to verify the note with the parent/guardian, the student will not be allowed to checkout.  

Please remember if your student becomes sick while at school, he/she must be seen in the school nurse's office prior to leaving campus due to illness. If your student is too ill to remain at school, please be prepared to come to school to sign your child out for the day.  


IV.            Absences

Students will only be allowed to submit ten (10) written parent excuses per school year. A doctor’s note will be required to excuse any subsequent absences.

All documentation regarding absences, whether a parent note or medical excuse, must be submitted to the Attendance Office within 72 hours (3 days) upon the students return to school, otherwise the absence will be unexcused. * NO EXCEPTIONS *

College Visits

Seniors are allowed two (2) excused absences for college visits. A college visit permission form must be picked up from the Guidance Office one week prior to the visit. An eligible college visit must include an appointment with a school official and signed documentation to verify the visit.

 Make-up Work Policy

Students are given one (1) day to make up class work for each day of school missed if the absence is excused.

Reasons for Excused Absence

1.       Sick/illness

2.       Death or illness in the immediate family

3.       School service or field trip

4.       Religious Holiday

5.       Legal court summons

6.       Extenuating circumstances approved by Principal (Dr. Durley)

V.             Truancy

Truancy is defined as an absence for an entire school day, a major portion of the school day, or the major portion of any class, study hall or activity during the school day for which the student is scheduled. Students who accumulate five (5) unexcused absent days without adequate excuse shall be reported to the director of schools who will, in turn, provide written notice to the parents/guardians of the absences. Schools shall also comply with state law regarding the reporting of truant students to the proper authorities. Reports to Juvenile Court for truancy will be made after 8 unexcused absences.

Please be advised that the Tennessee Department of Safety may suspend a student's driving privileges upon the first finding of noncompliance with the TN Compulsory Attendance Law. Upon finding of the second and/or subsequent truancies, driving privileges may be suspended until 18 years of age. Students will be ineligible until they are in compliance or have reached 18 years of age.

All tardies, absences, late check-ins and/or early check-outs are considered unexcused unless an approved written parent note, a note from a medical provider or court documentation is provided and turned in to the Attendance Office within 72 hours (3 days) upon the student's return to school.

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