ACT & SAT Information


ACT UP consists of four different two-hour-long classes (one for each of the ACT categories), each led by an expert ACT tutor.  Our instructors are longtime St. Mary's School teachers who have tutored for the ACT for several decades.  They usually charge $75 an hour but have volunteered to do this workshop completely for free.  We are also providing free follow-up tutoring from Rhodes College students on the weekends leading up to the April 18th ACT test.  Participants will receive free TI-30 calculators, lunch and refreshments, binders with 200 pages of study packets/practice tests, and more.  Transportation will be provided to students in need.  In addition, those students who attend the workshops and the follow-up sessions could qualify to have their April 18th ACT application fee reimbursed. 

How to Apply:

The workshop will be held at Rhodes College on Saturday, March 21st from 9am-2.15pm and Sunday, March 22nd from 1pm-5:45pm.  To participate, students should complete our application, which they can receive by emailing  Application deadline is Monday, March 16th.