Computer Systems Syllabus Quarter 1

Cooper, Wash                                                           Computer Systems                                    1st Quarter



Lesson Focus

Weekly Objectives

TN Standards


Additional Notes











Industrial Safety Standards

  • Interpret and demonstrate the principles of industrial safety standards associated with the information technology industry.


  • Identify and explain the intended use of safety equipment

Standard 1.0

  • Observation
  • Practical app
  • Multiple choice Test
  • Rubric


Laboratory activity











Opportunities and Career paths Within the Information Technology Field

  • Develop a profile of career opportunities.
  • Develop a personal education/career roadmap.
  • Project future career opportunities within the information technology industry.

Standard 3.0

  • Observation
  • Create a chart
  • Presentation
  • Rubric

Research activities











Leadership, citizenship, and teamwork skills

  • Cultivate positive leadership.
  • Participate in SkillsUSA as an integral part of classroom instruction.
  • Assess situations and apply problem-solving and decision-making skills within the school, community, and workplace.
  • Participate as a team member

Standard 2.0

  • Observation
  • Create a Presentation
  • Rubric












History of the Internet and its Benefits to Society

  • Research the history of the Internet. Create a timeline or infographic,


  • Discuss the needs that led to the creation of the Internet


  • Discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of the Internet to society

Standard 4.0


  • Observation
  • Create a
  • Presentation
  • Rubric












Install, Configure and Maintain Personal Computer Components

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of computer hardware components
  • Explain how computer represent and process data
  • Explain how A CPU functions
  • Differentiate between types of memory
  • Describe several printer technologies

Standard 5.0


  • Observation
  • Hands on
  • Rubric

Laboratory Activity












Maintain and Managing Your Devices

  • Identify best practices for purchasing and setting up computers
  • Explain how to clean, backup, secure, and configure computing devices
  • Describe how to troubleshoot problems with computing devices
  • Discuss how to avoid potential health problems caused by using computers

Standard 6.0

  • Observation
  • Simulation
  • Hands on


Laboratory Activity












Working with Systems Software

  • Define software and identify types of system software
  • Explain the purpose of the system BIOS
  • Explain the main functions of an OD
  • Describe the types of utility programs and their purposes
  • Explain how software is used to create computer programs

Standard 6.0

  • Observation
  • Create a table
  • Presentation
  • Rubric












Using Application to Tackle Tasks

  • Explain the ways applications software is classified
  • Differentiate between types of business productivity software and select the right tool for a task
  • Explain how personal productivity and lifestyle software can assist individuals
  • Describe the differentiate between the types of graphics

Standard 13.0

  • Observation
  • Hand on activities
  • Binary/Hex test
  • Rubric

Use calculator for binary/Hexadecimal test











Plugging Into the Internet

  • Describe the overall types of activities made possible by the Internet
  • Explain how to connect to the Internet, including needed hardware and software
  • Discuss how to Internet deliver page information
  • Describe how to use basic web browser techniques

Standard 10.0

  • Observation
  • Worksheets
  • Rubric

Online activity