Class Expectations

ESL Class Expectations...

  At Millington Municipal Schools we strive to develop students to succeed in life.  This class will work with that in mind at all times.

  We are striving to prepare our students for life after High School.  Whether our students continue into a four-year college, pursue an associate’s degree, attend a technical school, join the military or enter into the workforce, we want our students to be equipped with the tools to be successful. 

  In our efforts to help prepare our students for life after high school this study hall class will focus on developing the much needed “soft skills” that post-secondary education institutions and employers are looking for.

  These developed “soft skills” help ensure that our students are ahead of others who are competing for valuable slots in educational institutions or places of employment.  Some of the most desirable “soft skills” are:

  1. Showing up on time
  2. Being a dependable person
  3. Taking initiative
  4. Working well with others

  This ESL period is a time for students to listen to all instruction, Complete classwork, projects, assignments, and study for upcoming projects and tests. 

  Students in ESL will be expected to be on time each day.  They are to bring with them paper, pencil and pen, and A or B day notebook with dividers.  They should arrive with this already in their possession.  Asking to go to the locker or go to see a teacher is not going to be addressed.  Students should take initiative and be prepared.  Students are also expected to interact in a respectful manner with everyone.  We will NOT spend this time unwisely.  We will NOT be on cell phones, computers or socializing with other students.  This is a learning time and we will use it accordingly.  The atmosphere in the classroom will be one conducive to your education. 

  My hope is that we enjoy our time together and that the students are able to stay current in ESL and maintain an excellent grade.

 Thank you,
Rebecca Fears



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