Coach Adams

Coach Adams

Teacher/Head Baseball Coach

Hello my name is Zane Adams. I am currently a teacher in our LEAP Program. LAEP stands for Learning Enriched Advancement Program. I am also the Head Baseball Coach. I enjoy being outdoors hunting,fishing,and playing any type of sport. I love spending time with my wife Rebecca Adams. We have one child born in September named Lennen Lee. I am in my 7th year of teaching. I spent 3 years at Brighton High School teaching Special Education and serving as the Assistant Baseball Coach. Prior to Brighton I attented the University of West Alabama where I played baseball for 3 Years and served as Graduate Assistant Coach for 2 years. I am from Millington and graduated from Millington in 2005 and am excited to be teaching at my Alma Mater!

Class Schedule
1st period A- Vocational Skills
2nd period A- Vocational Skills
3rd Period A- Special Ed Invention
4th period A- Home Living
1st period B- Community Skills
2nd period B- Home Living Skills
3rd Period B- Work Base Learning
4th period B- Planning


Materials Needed

1. Data Binder. (I provide. All IEP related data is kept in this binder.)
2. Notebook paper.
3. Pencils.

Optional: Not required, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could donate one of the following to our class: Hand Sanitizer, Kleenex, Colored Pencils, Dry Erase Markers, Clorox Wipes.

Grading Policy


Students enrolled in the Comprehensive English class are evaluated based upon goals and objectives found in each students’ individualized education plan. Therefore, there will not be grades placed in the online gradebook. Student progress is monitored through data binders and progress is reported each quarter using the IEP progress report.

Classroom Rules

In addition to the school rules, I have classroom rules that are to be followed while in my class.  They are as follows:

  1. Follow directions the FIRST time they are given
  2. Raise your hand to ask a question or speak during class discussion.
  3. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to be up.
  4. Keep hands/feet and all objects to yourself.
  5. No cursing or teasing/bullying.

Basically  Be…. Prompt, Prepared, Polite, and Productive…

If these rules are not followed. There will be consequences, which are as follows:

       1. Verbal Warning
2. “Think Sheet”  - Will have to be signed by the parent
3. Parent Phone Call
4. Office Referral*

*If the student continues with the behavior in the same class period it could result in an automatic referral (3 strikes and you’re out).

         I realize there are times when students will have “slip ups” and break the rules, but I still expect everyone to follow the rules. For students who continually have “slip ups”, we will work together to correct the problem. I expect my students to always use good manners and be respectful even when not in my classroom! 

Student/Parent Conferences

         It is my goal to be available to my students and their parents/guardians. I am accessible during my planning period and would be happy to talk with anyone during this time. If you are not available during this time, feel free to contact me to set up another time to meet. You can reach me by email, which I check on a daily basis, or by calling the school. To reach me by email, click the email icon on any of my web pages.


*Flexibility Clause: The aforementioned requirements, policies, rules, etc. are subject to change. Students’ experiences and needs, as well as emerging knowledge, will be considered in the modification. If your student has an IEP developed behavior plan, we follow that plan.