Choir Syllabus

Millington Central High School Choir Syllabus



Mr. Calvin Ellis, Director



“No matter what it may do for the intellect, a student’s education is impaired if it does not also touch the soul, and music can be the key to reaching a student’s innermost being.”    ~Allan Miller and Dorita Coen



  • To establish and reinforce correct singing/musical techniques and skills.
  • To recognize, understand, and apply structural elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and form from both the standpoint of performer and listener.
  • To improve the use of expressive elements such as dynamics, phrasing, and tempo.
  • To develop a sense of fulfillment, responsibility, and pride in quality performance.
  • To expand interest and knowledge of repertoire, performances, and artistic achievement form a variety of countries, societies, and cultures.
  • To cultivate a sense of identity, pride, group spirit and improved self-image through participation in a successful performing ensemble.


Evaluation (see Choir Handbook/Keynote presentation for specific details):

  • Class Participation
  • Concert Attendance /Behavior
  • Written/Vocal Assessments

  • Classroom Assignments

  • Extra credit will also be given to students who attend concerts other than their own and for various other items throughout the year. Please see Mrs. Ellis for details regarding this at the appropriate time.


Choir Fees: The choir fee for all choirs is $75. If a student is in more than one choir, only one choir fee should be paid. The choir fee covers music, transportation costs, accompanist fees, choir t-shirt, and supplies. Please see that Choir calendar for the installment payment schedule. All payments should be sent to school in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and the amount turned in.  All payments will be sent to the Booster Treasurer, Lindsey Boykin.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment, please email Lindsey at  All correspondence regarding money shall be sent to this email address.


Uniform Fees: We are fading out the old choir dress. All ladies in choir will wear the Laurel Dress this year. If your child was in Cantabile last year, she already has a dress. If not, the Laurel Dress, from Southeastern Performance Apparel, will need to be purchased.  The costs for the dress is $59. To have them ready for performance, the fee must be paid by September 15, 2017.


All guys must wear a tuxedo for performance. The cost of the Tuxedo Ensemble for Southeastern is $96. To have them read for performance, this uniform fee is also due by September 15, 2017.

Classroom Expectations


Attendance: Attendance is ESSENTIAL in this course. A missed rehearsal will result in loss of participation points which can be made up.  Students must make up any written classwork, if applicable, upon their return. To make up a rehearsal, a student must meet with director/section coach if they miss 2 days or more in a 2 week period. Unexcused absences will follow MCHS Attendance Policy.


Tardies: Students who are tardy will perform for the class. All in fun!

Be early as that is on time.


Concert Attendance:

As a member of a performing ensemble, concert attendance is MANDATORY!


Personal Growth:

  • Improve each day. Don’t ever settle for mediocrity.
  • Enjoy the process. Many of our goals will take time. Do your best, but be patient.


Habits to build – Choices to make:

  • Go directly to your seat with music and pencil by the time the bell rings – this reflects the kind of dedication and attention to detail that we need in a rehearsal.
  • Do not talk when the director or classmates are speaking.
  • Check your posture regularly whether you are sitting or standing.
  • Display focused silence when other parts are rehearsing.
  • Ask “wise” questions by raising your hand.


Classroom Contributions:

  • Be respectful of the director and your classmates at ALL TIMES.
  • Take part in all activities - we all participate fully and as a team.
  • Be supportive of one another -  help make choir a “safe” place
  • Dare to take risks and take chances.


Group Skills / Leadership:

  • Lead by example…yelling for people to be quiet does not work. 
  • Follow your part when other sections are rehearsing.


Classroom Policies:

  • No gum – use the wastebasket at the door.
  • No candy, food, beverages, including coffee, in rehearsal rooms. However, WATER is encouraged.
  • No headphones, iPods, or other electronic items during rehearsals.
  • Cell phones must not be visible during rehearsals! 
  • Do not write on the white boards or bulletin boards.
  • Students must pay for any lost or damaged music, folders, or uniforms.
  • If you are ill and cannot sing, you must talk to the director before class.






Please engage in our many avenues of communication so you can be the most informed on all that is going on with MCHS Choirs. MCHS Choral Boosters will make updates to these methods of communication on a regular basis. You will stay in the know if you sign up for them!!!


Facebook: please request to be a friend of The Millington Chorale


Instagram: m.c.h.s.choir


MCHS Choral Website:


REMIND Class Codes: Text the following class code to 81010 and you can be connected to text messages sent by me to remind students and parents of upcoming events, things due, etc.


CANTABILE (Women’s Choir): @bbeck4k

CHORALE( Chamber Choir): @k2hgc2

MEN’S CHOIR: @2d9876

SPIRIT OF MCHS (Jazz Choir): @spiritofm

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