Counselor's Advice

Millington Central High School
College Planning Calendar

  • Stay involved in activities, choosing three or four you can pursue in depth. The level of involvement is more important than the number of activities. Look for ways to make a positive impact on your school and community.


  • Begin a draft resume of your activities and honors so you can keep adding to it as you enter your junior and senior years.


  • Keep working hard in your classes so that your academic record is as positive as possible.


  • Take the PSAT/ACT in the fall. This score will help you decide which academic areas you might want to improve, and other feedback from the test will give you some indication of your career interests. These scores are NOT sent to colleges.


  • Begin to consider what sorts of colleges and careers might interest you and investigate them using the Internet and materials provided in the College Resource Center.


  • Take “virtual” college tours on the Internet. Consider visiting some colleges during Spring Break or during the summer after sophomore year.


  • Plan summer activities: Seek out academic programs and workshops as well as camps for sports, music, science, engineering, writing, film, art, theatre, language, and others. Many of these programs are held on college campuses or in a foreign country.