Searching for Scholarships


Tips on Winning Scholarships

  • Prioritize your applications by deadline and the expected value of the scholarship
  • Use a calendar and checklist to get organized
  • Create an accomplishment’s resume
  • Tailor your application to the sponsor’s goals
  • Read and follow the instructions
  • Make your application stand out from the crowd
  • Ask to be nominated
  • Practice on a copy of the application form


Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

  • Answer the essay question orally and transcribe the recording
  • Use an outline to organize your thoughts
  • Give examples and be specific
  • Personalize your essay and be passionate
  • Write about something of interest to you
  • Talk about your impact on other people
  • Proofread a printed copy of the essay for spelling and grammar errors
  • Have someone else proofread the essay


Tips for Letters of Recommendation

  • Ask the teacher whether she can write you a great letter of recommendation
  • The recommendation should be relevant to the scholarship sponsor’s goal
  • Provide the recommender with a copy of your accomplishment’s resume
  • Provide the recommender with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and all required forms
  • Thank the recommender for writing the letter


Other scholarship Application Tips

  • Use a professional email address, such as
  • Clean up the content of your Facebook account, removing inappropriate and immature material
  • Google your name to see what shows up
  • Make a photocopy of your application before mailing it
  • Send the application by certified mail, return receipt requested or with delivery confirmation
  • If rejected, ask for the reviewer comments