Robert Galloway

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Robert Galloway


I am the Senior Naval Science Instructor and this will be my 15th year at Millington Central High School.  My primary job is to oversee the Navy JROTC program.  I am also the primary academic instructor for the Naval Science-4/Senior cadets.  MCHS is again on  the AB Block schedule this year which means that we see our students every other day; either two or three times a week on an alternating basis.  Each class with have academics on Monday or Tuesday, uniform inspection and drill on Wednesday or Thursday, and will have physical training every other week on Friday.  The overall ROTC class syllabus is below.

Wednesday--Personnel Inspection and Military Drill
Thursday--Personnel Inspection and Military Drill
Friday--Physical Fitness Training

NS-4/Senior Cadets are expected to set the example in all ROTC classes and activities in addition to always displaying great leadership. 
Overall Grading Percentages for NS-4 Cadets are below:

Leadership = 30%
Personnel Inspection = 30%
Academic = 10%
Academics Tests = 10%
Military Drill = 10%
Physical Training = 10%

Note:  NS-4/Senior cadets are expected to set the example for ALL cadets to follow.  This includes, but is not limited to: leadership both within and outside the ROTC classroom, promotions within a normal time period, wearing the uniform every week and wearing it properly, be in class on time every day and be within the MCHS dress code.  I expect the very best from our Senior Cadets.  If an NS-4 cadet goes to ISS for actions in ANY class, this is not good leadership.

In addition to individual jobs and tasks that NS-4 cadets complete throughout the year we will also study:

How to build a Resume'
Financial Management for Teenagers
Qualities of Good Leadership
  Effective Oral and Written Communications

Note:  There is no supply list for ROTC Cadets.  Uniforms etc are furnished by the navy and are free of charge.

My planning perios is 3B. If you need to contact me please do so through email if possible.