Emergency Plan

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As our national security level rises, please be assured that Millington Central Middle High School does have a Crisis Management Plan in place to respond to any type of disaster that can be anticipated. Teachers have specific instructions for different situations and students have been adequately trained and informed as to how to follow the instructions of their teachers. For security reasons our full plan is not published for the public.

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, parents will be provided instructions and information through this site and the news media. Parental cooperation in following those instructions will be vital in ensuring the safety of our students.

Parents will not be permitted to enter the building to locate and take their children without following the instructions provided. Pick up locations and procedures will be announced as dictated by the prevailing circumstances. If necessary, some or all students may be taken to an alternative location for parent pickup. Students will only be permitted to leave with the listed guardian or emergency contact person listed in our records. Parents are encouraged to keep their contact information updated. In the case of a noncritical crisis in which school is dismissed early, every effort will be made to provide parents with adequate notification through the media.

Parents are asked NOT TO TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL in the event of a disaster. If the telephones are working, we will need them to make calls to emergency agencies, news agencies and school system support personnel.

In any type of emergency, our first priority will be to preserve the safety of each and every student at Millington Central Middle High School.

How to check-out your student in the event of emergency:

The type of emergency will determine the location of our Parent Request and Student Release Areas. Our first choice is the Main Building. If there is a school wide evacuation the location will be Moody Boswell Stadium. If we have to change the location due to structural damage or any number of other factors, we will communicate that information to you via signs, megaphones, etc.

The following procedure will allow us to release students as quickly and safely as possible:

  1. Parents should report to the Parent Request Area; Inside the main doors there will be a large sign marking the entrance to this area. In the event of a total evacuation, the Parent Request Area will be at the gates to the stadium. Parents need to enter only at the designated area.
  2. When the parent enters the Request Area, they will receive a Student Release Form to complete.
  3. Find the table corresponding to your child’s grade level and present the Student Release Form along with a photo ID.
  4. Your child will be brought to the Release Area.
  5. If your child is receiving medical attention, you will be escorted to the Medical Treatment Area.
  6. Parent and child will leave by a designated exit.

It will be imperative that you follow directions and help us account for, care for, and safely release students in an orderly and organized manner. School staff will supervise your child until they are released to you or your designated emergency release person listed on our database.

There will be numerous emergency vehicles entering the school grounds. Do not block entrances and exits to the school. Delaying the response of emergency vehicles could truly cost lives. Emergency procedures will take time and patience. Please wait patiently while school staff members work to reunite you and your child as soon as possible.

Parent Checklist:

  • A home safety plan is in place.
  • Obtain instructions by listening to TV and radio media.
  • Don’t call the school. Jammed phone lines will prevent school personnel from making emergency calls.
  • Follow instructions regarding the location for picking up your child.
  • Alternative people to pick up your child are listed at the school. Your child will ONLY be released to those persons listed in your emergency information.
  • Bring your photo I.D. or make sure the person picking up your child knows he/she must bring a photo ID.
  • Verify that the school has your child’s medication(s) on file.
  • All of your current phone numbers are on file at the school, including an out of state person to contact.
  • Report to the designated pickup area.
  • Don’t enter the school and search for your child. School staff will release children in an orderly fashion. This procedure will account for every child and prevent the possibility of injury.
  • Help preserve order by being patient and assisting as needed.
  • Don’t block school driveways. Driveways will only be used by emergency vehicles.
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